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What is SpywareSignatures?

SpywareSignatures is world’s most precise, comprehensive and accurate Anti-Malware database available online. It is an initiative taken to safeguard online users from some of the deadliest malware present online.

What does SpywareSignatures offer?

SpywareSignatures offers its in-house researched spyware information to end users so that they can help themselves fight against online threats. SpywareSignatures is the only source that provides you most detailed information about any malware that may haunt you while you serve online.

From where does SpywareSignatures sources itself?

SpywareSignatures does its own in-house research and offers the research to several worldwide security companies on subscription basis and to end users for gaining entire knowledge about any malware that bothers them.

Who owns SpywareSignatures?

SpywareSignatures is an Indian software development, human resource outsourcing and call center firm.

Does SpywareSignatures sell its data?

SpywareSignatures offers its data to sources that further may use this data to protect internet users like Anti-Spyware Companies, Online resources and databases.

Does SpywareSignatures promote Anti-Spyware software?

SpywareSignatures only offers its users the software that is known for its quality through its website with regard to protect internet users.

How to advertise on SpywareSignatures?

SpywareSignatures offers you to promote your product through Regnow affiliate program and newsletter advertisement.

Is the data provided by SpywareSignatures free for usage?

The entire data provided by SpywareSignatures is protected by worldwide copyright laws and is only meant for personal usage; for professional usage consent has to be taken from SpywareSignatures else strict legal actions would be taken.

How to report a threat which I think is a malware?

Our ‘Report’ page can be used wherein a simple form is to filled and sample files which are suspected to be malware can be uploaded as well. Log files of Anti-Spyware applications can be uploaded as well.

How to report a False Spyware Report?

Software vendors who think their software is mistakably listed at our site can contact us with proofs of their software not being associated with any malicious activities and the software would be removed within 24 hours.