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SpywareSignatures is the world’s most comprehensive, constantly updated list of all sorts of online threats like Spyware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Browser Hijackers, Dialer and many more. Incase you are threatened by any malware and you want to know everything about it, you are at the right place. Incase you find any suspicious software/service in your PC that you don’t recognize and also the same is not listed on our website, please contact through our Report New Spyware Page by or if you would like us to reconsider any software listed on our site please visit our dispute form page.

SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
211Advanced Invisible KeyloggerModerate Risk
212Advanced Keylogger 1.8Elevated Risk
213Advanced Lotus Password RecoveryLow Risk
214Advanced Mailbox Password RecoveryLow Risk
215Advanced NT Security ExplorerLow Risk
216Advanced Office Password BreakerLow Risk
217Advanced Office Password RecoveryLow Risk
218Advanced Office XP Password Recovery ProLow Risk
219Advanced Outlook Express Password RecoveryLow Risk
220Advanced Outlook Password RecoveryLow Risk
221Advanced PDF Password RecoveryLow Risk
222Advanced Parental ControlElevated Risk
223Advanced Project Password RecoveryLow Risk
224Advanced RAR Password RecoveryLow Risk
225Advanced SpyElevated Risk
226Advanced TCP Logger 4.00Low Risk
227Advanced Tracks EraserElevated Risk
228Advanced VBA Password RecoveryLow Risk
229Advanced Windows Password RecoveryLow Risk
230Advanced Word 95 Password RecoveryLow Risk
231Advanced WordPerfect Office Password RecoveryLow Risk
232Advanced ZIP Password RecoveryLow Risk
233AdvancedRemoteInfoModerate Risk
234Advent Calendar Screensaver 1.1Moderate Risk
235Adware AgentElevated Risk
236Adware DeluxeModerate Risk
237Adware FilterHigh
238Adware PatrolMedium risk
239Adware RemoverMedium Risk
240Adware Remover GoldElevated Risk