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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
271Ambient Light 3D ScreenSaver v.1.2Low Risk
272America - Land of Liberty ScreensaverLow Risk
273American Flag Screen Saver 1.1Low Risk
274AnalogX PacketMonLow Risk
275Ancient SpiderLow Risk
276Angel Art Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
277Animal EmoticonsModerate Risk
278Answers.com ToolbarWIN XP
279Anti VerminsHigh Risk
280Anti-Peeper KeyMedium Risk
281Anti-Secure Ultimate Password RecoveryLow Risk
282AntiFirwallElevated Risk
283AntiLeech PluginElevated Risk
284AntiSpyCheckElevated Risk
285AntiSpyGoldenElevated Risk
286AntiSpyGolden 5.1Elevated Risk
287AntiSpyGuardHigh Risk
288AntiSpyZoneElevated Risk
289AntiSpyZone 5.4Elevated Risk
290AntiSpywareShieldMedium Risk
291AntiVermins 2.9Moderate Risk
292AntiVermins 3.2High Risk
293AntiVermins 3.3High Risk
294AntiVermins 3.4High Risk
295AntiVermins 3.5High Risk
296AntiVermins 3.6High Risk
297AntiVirGearElevated Risk
298AntiVirGear 3.8Elevated Risk
299AntiVirProtect 2.1Elevated Risk
300AntiVirus ProtectorModerate Risk