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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
451Chat StalkerElevated Risk
452Chat WatchSevere Risk
453ChatBlockerLow Risk
454ChatCheckerElevated Risk
455CheaterCheckerHigh Risk
456Child ControlHigh Risk
457Child Web GuardianElevated Risk
458ChristiansUnite ToolbarSevere Risk
459Christmas Santas Screen SaverModerate Risk
460Cities at Night Vol 1 Screensaver 3.00Low Risk
461City Streets ScreensaverLow Risk
462Classroom Spy ProfessionalModerate Risk
463Cleaner2009Medium Risk
464ClearPCElevated Risk
466Click Bank Toolbar Toolbar for webmastersModerate Risk
467Click4.com ToolbarElevated Risk
468Click4Choice ToolbarModerate Risk
469ClickBizHigh Risk
470ClickSpring.OinadserverElevated Risk
471ClicksMatrix ToolbarModerate Risk
472Cliprex DS DVD PlayerLow Risk
473CoastsLow Risk
474CodeCleanLow Risk
475Codename AlvinSevere Risk
476ComZen ToolbarElevated Risk
477Comet CursorHigh Risk
478CommViewLow Risk
479CommView Remote AgentLow Risk
480CommView WiFiLow Risk