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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
631FWN ToolbarModerate Risk
632Faeries Screen Saver XP Service Pack 1Moderate Risk
633Fake DeleteLow Risk
634Fallen LeavesLow Risk
635Falling Autumn Leaves Screen Saver 1.3Low Risk
636Family Cyber AlertElevated Risk
637Family KeyLoggerSevere Risk
638FamilyCamElevated Risk
639FarsighterMedium Risk
640FatBusterLow Risk
641FatPickleModerate Risk
642FavoritemanModerate Risk
643Favouritelink Toolbar with free popup blockerModerate Risk
644Ferguson Library ToolbarModerate Risk
645Fictional DaemonElevated Risk
646FinQoo Toolbar for IEModerate Risk
647Find Password Protected DocumentsLow Risk
648Find.fm ToolbarModerate Risk
649FindNot GuardDogSevere Risk
650FindWhaterverNow ToolbarHigh
651Findit Quick ToolbarElevated Risk
652FingerprintsModerate Risk
653Fire WalkerLow Risk
654Fito 98MEHigh Risk
655Fixer AntispyModerate Risk
656FlashGetModerate Risk
657FlashGet ToolbarElevated Risk
659Flowers-Natural Beauty Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
660FlowersFreeLow Risk