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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
811Hot Air 2Moderate Risk
812Hot Rod Cars Scenic Reflections 3.0Low Risk
813HotBarModerate Risk
814HotBlox ToolbarElevated Risk
815HotGirls FairyLow Risk
816HotGirls X-mas in my HouseLow Risk
817HotGirls hot dameLow Risk
818HotmailLow Risk
819Hotmail and MSN Password RecoveryLow Risk
820Huey PC Remote ControlLow Risk
821Humorsearch.com Joke BarModerate Risk
822IC Spyware ScannerModerate Risk
823ICQ LoggerElevated Risk
824ICQ MonitorElevated Risk
825ICQ Monitor SnifferElevated Risk
826ICQ Password RecoveryLow Risk
827ICQ SniffElevated Risk
828ICQ SnifferModerate Risk
829ICQ Spy MonitorElevated Risk
830ID Computer SpyElevated Risk
831IE WatcherHigh Risk
832IE-BARModerate Risk
833IE-SecurityMedium Risk
834IEDefenderElevated Risk
835IEDriverHigh Risk
836IESecurityProMedium Risk
837IIPwrElevated Risk
838ILMOTORE!COM ToolbarModerate Risk
839ILoveVideoz ToolbarElevated Risk
840IMDetect AIM MonitorElevated Risk