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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
931KeyTrapElevated Risk
932KeyTrapperHigh Risk
933Keyboard CollectorElevated Risk
934Keyboard ExpressMedium Risk
935Keyboard GuardianHigh Risk
936Keyboard MonitorElevated Risk
937Keyhole-SpyElevated Risk
938Keylogger ExpressHigh Risk
939Keylogger King HomeElevated Risk
940KeyloggerProSevere Risk
941Keystroke Shortcut RecorderElevated Risk
942Keystroke SpyElevated Risk
943KidControlElevated Risk
944KidloggerElevated Risk
945KidsnapperModerate Risk
946KillAndCleanHigh Risk
947King Solomons CasinoLow Risk
948Kiwi AlphaMedium Risk
949KnowItNowModerate Risk
950KoloSoft SE
951Kompass ToolbarModerate Risk
952KooWoLyricsLow Risk
953KoolBarModerate Risk
954KubaoLow Risk
955Kword.InterKeyElevated Risk
956LANVisorElevated Risk
957LANVisor 1.8Elevated Risk
958LanAgentElevated Risk
959Lewd Leprechauns Screensaver 1.0Elevated Risk
960Lightyear BlasterModerate Risk