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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1051MessenPassLow Risk
1052Messenger DetectModerate Risk
1053Messenger KeyLow Risk
1054MessengerBlockerMedium Risk
1055MessengerLogModerate Risk
1056MetacrawlerToolbarElevated Risk
1057Metakodix Stealth KeyloggerElevated Risk
1058Metastop ToolbarModerate Risk
1059MetroLyrics ToolbarHigh
1060MexConnect ToolbarModerate Risk
1061Micro Antivirus 2009High Risk
1062Million Dollar Lucky Lottery 1.0Low Risk
1063MindSoft Secret AgentElevated Risk
1064Ming Chat MonitorModerate Risk
1065Mini Golf ProModerate Risk
1066Miniclip ToolbarModerate Risk
1067Mirar ToolbarElevated Risk
1068MissBingoLow Risk
1069MissUniverse2005Low Risk
1070MisspellsearchModerate Risk
1071Mix 971 ToolbarModerate Risk
1072Mob MasherModerate Risk
1073Modem SpyHigh Risk
1074Mom Knows BestElevated Risk
1075Money Password Recovery KeyLow Risk
1076Money ToolbarElevated Risk
1077Money TreckModerate Risk
1078MorpheusLow Risk
1079Morpheus toolbar
1080MorpheusBarModerate Risk