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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1081Mortgage ToolbarHigh
1082Movie BoxModerate Risk
1083Mr.AntispyHigh Risk
1084Multi-Remote Shutdown ManagerLow Risk
1085MultiPassRecoverLow Risk
1086MultimonElevated Risk
1087MultiplicityLow Risk
1088Mummy Blackjack 1.0Low Risk
1089Music Crawler ToolbarModerate Risk
1090Music MagnetHigh Risk
1091MusicOfFaithLow Risk
1092My Addicting Picture PuzzleModerate Risk
1093My Adult ExplorerLow Risk
1094My Bug Free PC v2.1Moderate Risk
1095My Free Mahjong v.2.0High Risk
1096My Global Search BarModerate Risk
1097My Remote FilesLow Risk
1098My Search BarLow Risk
1099MyCleanerPCMedium Risk
1100MyContentAssistantElevated Risk
1101MyEmailEmoticonsModerate Risk
1102MyFasterPCMedium Risk
1103MyNabyooElevated Risk
1104MyPlayCity Freecell 1.0High Risk
1105MyScreenCamLow Risk
1106MySearch ToolbarHigh
1107MySee AlertElevated Risk
1108MyShellHigh Risk
1109MySpyProtectorHigh Risk
1110MyToolbarModerate Risk