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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1171Ocean II screensaver 1.0Low Risk
1172Ocean Life Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
1173Ocean Waves Screen SaverElevated Risk
1174Oemji Toolbar
1175Ofb1 (A Gift for You!.exe)Elevated Risk
1176Ofb1 (Lone Ruler.exe)Low Risk
1177Ofb1 (Warrior.exe)Low Risk
1178Ofb1 (Wow.exe)Low Risk
1179Ofb1 (w8.exe)Low Risk
1180Ofb1 (wa1.exe)Low Risk
1181Ofb1 (wa100.exe)Low Risk
1182Ofb1 (wa116.exe)Low Risk
1183Ofb1 (wa119.exe)Low Risk
1184Ofb1 (wa121.exe)Low Risk
1185Ofb1 (wa138.exe)Low Risk
1186Ofb1 (wa224.exe)Low Risk
1187Ofb1 (wa255.exe)Low Risk
1188Ofb1 (wa258.exe)Low Risk
1189Ofb1 (wa259.exe)Low Risk
1190Ofb1 (wn10.exe)Low Risk
1191Ofb1 (wpf9.exe)Low Risk
1192Office KeyLow Risk
1193Office PasswordLow Risk
1194Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Personal 6Elevated Risk
1195Omniquad Instant Remote ControlLow Risk
1196OneToolbarElevated Risk
1197Online Casino Extra ToolbarLow Risk
1198Online Games ToolbarElevated Risk
1199Only Best Sex ToolbarModerate Risk
1200Optimum Online ToolbarModerate Risk