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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1291Perfect-Partner ToolbarHigh Risk
1292PerfectCleanerElevated Risk
1293PerfectDefender2009Elevated Risk
1294Personal Desktop Spy v2.10Moderate Risk
1295Personal InspectorHigh Risk
1296Personal MoneyHigh
1297Personal PC SpyElevated Risk
1298Personal PC Spy 2.2Elevated Risk
1299Personal WebLow Risk
1300Pest TrapElevated Risk
1301PestCaptureHigh Risk
1302PestWiperHigh Risk
1303PhaZeBarLow Risk
1304PicassoClockLow Risk
1305PigSearchModerate Risk
1306Ping - The Sequel to Pong 1.2Moderate Risk
1307PizzaClockLow Risk
1308PlanetRemoteLow Risk
1309Planetluck CasinoHigh
1310Plaxo ToolbarHigh
1311Pocket Excel Password RecoveryLow Risk
1313Pop up Blocker ProElevated Risk
1314Pop-Up StopperElevated Risk
1315Pop-Up Stopper ProfessionalElevtaed Risk
1316Popup BegoneModerate Risk
1317Popup PreventerLow Risk
1318Popup ShieldModerate Risk
1320Porn2PeerModerate Risk