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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1471SearchBossModerate Risk
1472SearchCentrixElevated Risk
1474SearchGuy ToolbarHigh
1475SearchHippo ToolbarHigh
1476SearchNet ToolbarElevated Risk
1478SearchPROModerate Risk
1479SearchPixie ToolbarLow Risk
1480SearchRoverModerate Risk
1481SearchVivor ToolbarModerate Risk
1482SearchWords ToolbarHigh
1483Searching ToolbarHigh
1484SearchingAll ToolbarHigh
1485Searchmaze ToolbarModerate Risk
1486Second Sight KeyloggerElevated Risk
1487Secret Explorer v6.0Low Risk
1488Secret EyesElevated Risk
1489Secret SpyElevated Risk
1490SecureMyPcPCScannerMedium Risk
1491Security PRO Pack Risk
1492Security iGuardElevated Risk
1493SeekITAllModerate Risk
1494Seekmo ToolbarElevated Risk
1495Sensis ToolbarHigh
1496Sentinel ProfessionalElevated Risk
1497SentryPCElevated Risk
1498Sexxgirls.nl ToolbarModerate Risk
1499SexyVideoScreenSaverLow Risk
1500SgoopeLow Risk