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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1591SpyLocked 4.1Elevated Risk
1592SpyLocked 4.2Elevated Risk
1593SpyLocked 4.3Elevated Risk
1594SpyMail For Hotmail And YahooElevated Risk
1595SpyMarshalElevated Risk
1596SpyMonHigh Risk
1597SpyMyPC 5.0High Risk
1598SpyMyPC ProHigh Risk
1599SpyOfficerModerate Risk
1600SpyOutsideHigh Risk
1601SpyProtectorElevated Risk
1602SpyPryElevated Risk
1603SpySheriffElevated Risk
1605SpyShredderMedium Risk
1606SpySoldierElevated Risk
1608SpyTrooperElevated Risk
1609SpyVampireLow Risk
1610SpyViperElevated Risk
1611SpyWare SecureModerate Risk
1612SpyinatorElevated Risk
1613Spylab WebSpyModerate Risk
1614Spylo PC MonitorHigh Risk
1615SpymodePCSpyHigh Risk
1616Spynova ToolbarHigh Risk
1617Spytech ShadowElevated Risk
1618Spytech ShadowNet Remote Spy 2.0Elevated Risk
1619Spytech SpyAOLSevere Risk