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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1651StartGuardLow Risk
1652StartNow ToolbarModerate Risk
1653StartupBHOElevated Risk
1654Starware Risk
1655Starware Auctions ToolbarModerate Risk
1656Starware Band of Buddies ToolbarModerate Risk
1657Starware Entertainment ToolbarModerate Risk
1658Starware Horoscopes ToolbarModerate Risk
1659Starware Jokes ToolbarModerate Risk
1660Starware Jokes(390) ToolbarModerate Risk
1661Starware Lottery ToolbarModerate Risk
1662Starware Maps ToolbarModerate Risk
1663Starware MusikModerate Risk
1664Starware News ToolbarModerate Risk
1665Starware Recipe ToolbarModerate Risk
1666Starware Smileytown ToolbarModerate Risk
1667Starware ToolbarHigh
1668Starware Toolbar RecettesModerate Risk
1669Starware Toolbar di MusicaModerate Risk
1670Starware Toolbar di RicetteModerate Risk
1671Starware Travel ToolbarModerate Risk
1672Starware.CursorCafeLow Risk
1673Starware.Toolbar v3.2.2Moderate Risk
1674StarwareMusicToolbarModerate Risk
1675StarwareToolbar318Moderate Risk
1676StatBlasterElevated Risk
1677StatWinElevated Risk
1678StatWin ProHigh Risk
1679StaticXElevated Risk
1680Stealth Chat MonitorElevated Risk