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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1681Stealth Folder HiderElevated Risk
1682Stealth KeySpyElevated Risk
1683Stealth Keyboard Interceptor
1684Stealth RecorderSevere Risk
1685Stealth Sleek and Swift Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
1686Stealth Web Page RecorderElevated Risk
1687Stealth WebSite LoggerElevated Risk
1688StealthActivityReporterSevere Risk
1689StealthWatcher 2000Moderate Risk
1690Stingware PC Key LoggerHigh Risk
1691StopPop.netElevated Risk
1692StumbledUpon ToolbarHigh
1693Summer Season Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
1694SummerClockLow Risk
1695Sunshine BingoLow Risk
1696Super KeyloggerElevated Risk
1697Super Popup BlockerModerate Risk
1698Super SpyElevated Risk
1699Super WinspyHigh Risk
1700SuperUtilBarElevated Risk
1701Supergames ToolbarLow Risk
1702Supervisor Plus 1.7Low Risk
1703SupremeSpyHigh Risk
1704Surf AccuracyHigh Risk
1705Surf InspectorModerate Risk
1706Surf SideKickHigh
1707Surf SpySevere Risk
1708SurfDirectorElevated Risk
1709SurfDirector 2.1Elevated Risk
1710SurfKeeperElevated Risk