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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1711SurfLoggerElevated Risk
1712SurfMaidModerate Risk
1713Surfing SpyElevated Risk
1714SurpriseClockLow Risk
1715SysProtectElevated Risk
1716Sys_KeylogElevated Risk
1717System Live ProtectElevated Risk
1718System SpyElevated Risk
1719System Surveillance ProElevated Risk
1720System TunerModerate Risk
1721SystemDefenderMedium Risk
1722SystemDoctorElevated Risk
1723SystemSleuthSevere Risk
1724SystemSpyServerElevated Risk
1725TK79Formel1 ToolbarModerate Risk
1726TZ Privacy GuardElevated Risk
1727TeamViewerElevated Risk
1728Technology ToolbarModerate Risk
1729Teen MinderElevated Risk
1730TeleDesktopLow Risk
1731TelephoneSpyHigh Risk
1732TeoSoftHigh Risk
1733Thanksgiving Shoot-out Screen Saver 2.3Moderate Risk
1734The Florida Search Toolbar 2.0.0Moderate Risk
1735The FreeBarHigh
1736The Hodgy Group ToolbarLow Risk
1737The Last Samurai 01 SSElevated Risk
1738The PC Detective
1739The PowerStrip ToolbarHigh
1740The Spyware DetectiveElevated Risk