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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1741The Ultimate Spyware-Adware RemoverElevated Risk
1742Thinkertec SpyPalElevated Risk
1743TickerbarElevated Risk
1744TightVNCLow Risk
1745TimeSinkElevated Risk
1746Tinny ToolbarMedium
1747Tiny KeyLoggerHigh Risk
1748Tiny Spy AgentElevated Risk
1749Titan PokerHigh
1750TitanShieldHigh Risk
1751TizzleTalkElevated Risk
1752Tong KeyloggerElevated Risk
1753ToolBar.BybarElevated Risk
1754Toolbar GammingModerate Risk
1755Toolbar SoftwareModerate Risk
1757Toolfish Utility SuiteModerate Risk
1758ToolsAnywhere Keylogger LiteElevated Risk
1759TopFive Search AssistantElevated Risk
1760TopSearchElevated Risk
1761Topinstalls.ForgetMeNotLow Risk
1762Torrent ToolbarModerate Risk
1763Torrent101Low Risk
1764Total Spy 2.5Elevated Risk
1765TotalRCLow Risk
1766Toy TroubleModerate Risk
1767Track4WinHigh Risk
1768TrackZapperMedium Risk
1769TrackZapper System CleanserElevated Risk
1770Trojan Guarder GoldModerate Risk