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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
1861WEB.nl ToolbarModerate Risk
1862WS_FTP Password RecovererLow Risk
1863WS_FTP Password RecoveryLow Risk
1864WUPC (Web is Under Parental Control)Elevated Risk
1865WWII RescueModerate Risk
1866Walls of JerichoModerate Risk
1867Warez P2P Faster AcceleratorLow Risk
1868Watch RightElevated Risk
1869WatchDogElevated Risk
1870WatcherElevated Risk
1871Watchful EyeHigh Risk
1873WeatherCastLow Risk
1874WeatherCheckLow Risk
1875WeatherStudio ToolbarModerate Risk
1876WeatherStudio Toolbar and DesktopModerate Risk
1877Web ExplorerElevated Risk
1878Web Search AssistantElevated Risk
1879Web Surfer WatcherElevated Risk
1880WebMailSpyElevated Risk
1881WebMenu ToolbarElevated Risk
1882WebPISevere Risk
1883WebRebatesModerate Risk
1884WebScoutElevated Risk
1885WebSnitchElevated Risk
1886WebSpyModerate Risk
1887Website Spy MonitorElevated Risk
1888Website Spy Monitor 6.14Elevated Risk
1889WetFlowersLow Risk
1890Whales and Dolphins Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk