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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
2011ZoneProtect Anti-SpywareMedium Risk
2012ZuvioElevated Risk
2013Zwinky_TestHigh risk
2014aSpy KeyloggerElevated Risk
2015ad1.79.exeLow Risk
2016antonladylegLow Risk
2017aquariumwithfishesLow Risk
2018bees-latest_screenLow Risk
2019bigleafLow Risk
2020bikini_3_screenLow Risk
2021boatLow Risk
2022boxof1000babes.exeLow Risk
2023butterflyLow Risk
2024e-SurveillerMedium Risk
2026eClickz ToolbarHigh Risk
2028eKith.com ToolbarModerate Risk
2029eMando RCLow Risk
2030eMuleMedium Risk
2031eMusic ToolbarModerate Risk
2032eScorcherElevated Risk
2033eSpyNowHigh Risk
2034eWoss NewsbarModerate Risk
2035eWoss ToolbarModerate Risk
2036eyedropLow Risk
2037ezCyberSearchElevated Risk
2038ezRewardElevated Risk
2039fallingleavesLow Risk
2040gPhotoShow ToolbarElevated Risk