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SNo.Spyware NameThreat Level
241Adware.AdvertbarHigh Risk
242Adware.Altnet installs with Kazaa, the installer Provided is of Kazaa which will install Adware.Altn
243Adware.CDNHigh Risk
244Adware.InstaFinder installs with Kazaa, the installer Provided is of Kazaa which will install Adware
245Adware.SemtoolElevated Risk
246Adware.ShervElevated Risk
247Adware.UplinkHigh Risk
248Adware.WinThirtyTwoElevated Risk
249AdwareCopsHigh Risk
250AdwarePunisherElevated Risk
251AdwareSanitizerLow Risk
252AdwareSpyLow Risk
253After Buy ToolbarHigh
254AgentSpywareLow Risk
255Alba Hotels ToolbarModerate Risk
256AlertSpyElevated Risk
257Alexa ToolbarLow Risk
259AliBaBarElevated Risk
260Alicia Silverstone_screenLow Risk
261Alien ShooterModerate Risk
262All Headline News ToolbarHigh
263All In One KeyloggerHigh Risk
264All-In-One SpyElevated Risk
265Alley Baggett Sex-E Screen SaverElevated Risk
266Allint System InfoLow Risk
267Alyssa Jayne Milano Screen SaverModerate Risk
268Amazing Lighthouses Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
269Amazing Mountainscapes Screensaver 2.5aElevated Risk
270Amazon ToolbarElevated Risk