SpywareSignatures is an initiative taken to protect internet users from all sorts of malware which make surfing online vulnerable.

SpywareSignatures is the most comprehensive of its kind database which is providing almost each and every detail of any particular malware including its general information such as name, owner, URLs, description and technical information like files and registry created by them including their exact paths and sizes.

SpywareSignatures is sourced by its own in-house research team dedicated to collection, research, analysis and logging of all sorts of online threats and make it available publicly for user references while they are infected with any of the listed malware.

SpywareSignatures helps users be more protective against online threats and helps them safeguarding themselves from these malicious software. SpywareSignatures provides some healthy tips for users to help themselves and also offers help to its users when they write in to us regarding their issues and make common problems public to help others benefit from similar issues.

SpywareSignatures also offers its researched data to several online security companies which use it with their Anti-Spyware tools to further protect users. SpywareSignatures adds daily 5 reports to its database minimum and so does offer regular updates to Anti-Spyware companies 5 days a week.