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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
511 Custom Toolbar Elevated Risk
512 CuteFTP Password Recovery Low Risk
513 Cyber Predator Elevated Risk
514 CyberSieve Moderate Risk
515 CyberSpy
516 CyberVizion High Risk
517 Cybert Sitter Elevated Risk
518 Cydoor Medium Risk
519 DC MP3 Finder 1.2 Moderate Risk
520 DRemote Low Risk
521 DSNS Network Scanner Low Risk
522 DTIG01 Toolbar Elevated Risk
523 Da Browser Based Games Browser Low Risk
524 Daily Toolbar High
525 Dancing Hieroglyphs Screen Saver Low Risk
526 Dark Side Of The Moon Screensaver Low Risk
527 DarkOmen Elevated Risk
528 Data Doctor KeyLogger Elevated Risk
529 Data Shredder Elevated Risk
530 Database Password Sleuth Low Risk
531 De Gule Sider Moderate Risk
532 Deep Space Screensaver 2.5a Elevated Risk
533 Deer Screen Saver Low Risk
534 Default Bar Elevated Risk
535 Deluxe Communications Elevated Risk
536 DesignServe Toolbar Moderate Risk
537 Desktop Orbiter Moderate Risk
538 Desktop Scout 5.0 Low Risk
539 Desktop Scout4 High
540 Desktop Surveillance Personal Severe Risk