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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
601 Eqiso Toolbar Elevated Risk
602 Error Guard High Risk
603 Error Nuker 2005 Moderate Risk
604 ErrorDoctor Low Risk
605 ErrorProtector Elevated Risk
606 ErrorSafe Moderate Risk
607 ErrorSafe Elevated Risk
608 ErrorSweeper Medium Risk
609 Espfa Elevated Risk
610 EtherBoss Network Monitor Elevated Risk
611 EtherDetect Low Risk
612 EtherScout High
613 EuroGrand Casino Low Risk
614 Europa Casino High
615 Everest Poker Low Risk
616 Excel Password Low Risk
617 Excel Password Recovery Low Risk
618 Excel Recovery 2005 Low Risk
619 Excite Moderate Risk
620 Exotic Birds High Risk
621 Expert AntiVirus Moderate Risk
622 Exploit Child Watchdog Elevated Risk
623 Extratoolbar Moderate Risk
624 EyeOnKeyboard Elevated Risk
625 EyeSpyPro Medium Risk
626 Eyetide Low Risk
627 Ezurl High Risk
628 FIrewithrain_Screensaver_1 Low Risk
629 FKWP Elevated Risk
630 FTP Password Low Risk