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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
541 Desktop Toolbar Low
542 Desktop Weather Low Risk
543 Dhatri Toolbar Moderate Risk
544 Dial-up Password Recovery Low Risk
545 Dial-up Password Recovery Master Low Risk
546 Diamond Deal Casino Low Risk
547 Diamond Drop 2 - en Low Risk
548 DigiMode Browser Elevated Risk
549 DirectConnector Low Risk
550 DisableSpyware Medium Risk
551 Diybar Toolbar Moderate Risk
552 Doggone Doggies Screen Saver Moderate Risk
553 Dogpile Toolbar High
554 DonkeyDo Toolbar Moderate Risk
555 Dope Wars Low Risk
556 DosPop Toolbar Moderate Risk
557 Dotcom Toolbar High Risk
558 DownSeek Toolbar Elevated Risk
559 Download Toolbar Low
560 Download3K Toolbar Elevated Risk
561 DrAntispy High Risk
562 Dreambar Elevated Risk
563 DriveCleaner Moderate Risk
564 DropSpam
565 DrugsArea.net Toolbar Moderate Risk
566 Dudu Accelerator Moderate Risk
567 Duplicate File Killer Elevated risk
568 E.C.S. International (v) Elevated Risk
569 EMCO Malware Destroyer Moderate Risk
570 EMCO Remote CmdLine Low Risk