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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1351 Proofile Toolbar Elevated Risk
1352 Protection Bar Elevated Risk
1353 Proven Tactics Moderate Risk
1354 Ptakks Elevated Risk
1355 Purityscan Medium Risk
1356 Purple Passions Elevated Risk
1357 Push Toolbar Elevated Risk
1358 QQ Soft Multi Screen Spy Elevated Risk
1359 QUEPASA Toolbar High
1360 Quick Keylogger High Risk
1361 Quick Toolbar Elevated Risk
1362 QuickLaunch High Risk
1363 Quicksearch Toolbar High
1364 Qutrit Moderate Risk
1365 QwikSpy Elevated Risk
1366 Qyule Elevated Risk
1367 RAR Key Low Risk
1368 RAR Password Cracker Low Risk
1369 RAR Password Recovery Low Risk
1370 RX Toolbar Elevated Risk
1371 Rabio Elevated Risk
1372 Radiating Clock Low Risk
1373 Radio Toolbar Moderate Risk
1374 RadioactiveClock Low Risk
1375 RadiusTest 2.4.3 Low Risk
1376 Radlight 4 Medium Risk
1377 Radmin Low Risk
1378 RaptorDefence Moderate Risk
1379 Rays of Hope (rayshope.exe) Low Risk
1380 RazeSpyware Elevated Risk