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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1441 SafeStrip Medium Risk
1442 SafeWebSurfer Moderate Risk
1443 SaferScan Elevated Risk
1444 Salus Elevated Risk
1445 Sandbox of God Moderate Risk
1446 SantaClausClock Low Risk
1447 SantaClock Low Risk
1448 Santas Workshop Screensaver 1.1 Elevated Risk
1449 Save Keys Elevated Risk
1450 Save Keys Undetectable 6.2 Moderate Risk
1451 SaveMyWork High Risk
1452 SavingBot Shopper High Risk
1453 SavingsHound High
1454 ScanSpyware Elevated Risk
1455 ScanandRepair Low Risk
1456 ScanandRepair 2007 Medium Risk
1457 Scenic- Power Of Love High Risk
1458 Science Toolbar Moderate Risk
1459 Scirus Toolbar Moderate Risk
1460 Screen Logger Severe Risk
1461 ScreenSaver.Lightningstorm Moderate Risk
1462 ScreenSaver.Waterfalls 3 Moderate Risk
1463 ScreenSpy Elevated Risk
1464 ScreenStream Moderate Risk
1465 ScreenView Low Risk
1466 ScreenViewer Elevated Risk
1467 Sea Wolf Nova Clock Low Risk
1468 Search Enhancer Low Risk
1469 Search Toolbar High
1470 SearchAssist Moderate Risk