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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1501 Shareaza Lite Low Risk
1502 ShowBehind Elevated Risk
1503 ShowPass Low Risk
1504 ShowPassword Low Risk
1505 SideFind Low risk
1506 SidebySide Search Elevated Risk
1507 Silent Cat Screen Watch Elevated Risk
1508 SilentMail for Outlook Elevated Risk
1509 SilentNight IE Watcher High Risk
1510 Site Ticket High Risk
1511 Sketch Moderate Risk
1512 Skywriter Plane Screen Saver 1.0 Low Risk
1513 Smart Keystroke Recorder Elevated Risk
1514 Smart Scrubber Low Risk
1515 Smart Shopper High Risk
1516 SmartFixer Elevated Risk
1517 SmilEmail High Risk
1518 Smiley Central Low Risk
1519 SmileySource High
1520 SmileyWorld High
1521 SmokeScreen High
1522 Smoking Gun High Risk
1523 Snack Man Elevated Risk
1524 Snadboy Revelation Low Risk
1525 Snap Desktop Toolbar Moderate Risk
1526 Snapkey High Risk
1527 Snapshots of Ronald Reagan Screensaver 2.5a Elevated Risk
1528 SniperSpy Medium Risk
1529 Snoop Elevated Risk
1530 SnowClock Low Risk