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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
901 Jetz Rampage 2 Moderate Risk
902 Jetz Rampage 4 Revenge Moderate Risk
903 Jhoos Low Risk
904 Jimmy Surf High Risk
905 Joystick Screensaver Elevated Risk
906 Jumper Moderate Risk
907 Jumper Two Moderate Risk
908 June Moderate Risk
909 Jungle Juice Moderate Risk
910 JurikSoft Remote Control Tools 1.0.0 Low Risk
911 JustRemoteIT Moderate Risk
912 KGB Keylogger Elevated Risk
913 KMremote Control Low Risk
914 KSLogger Elevated Risk
915 KaleidoscopicClock Low Risk
916 Kamikaze Wargames Elevated Risk
917 Kate Moss Sex-E Screen Saver Low Risk
918 Kazaa Moderate Risk
919 Kazaa LimeWire Companion Low Risk
920 Kazaap High Risk
921 KewlBar Toolbar Moderate Risk
922 Key Capture Elevated Risk
923 Key Explorer Elevated Risk
924 Key Spyware Elevated Risk
925 Key Thief Moderate Risk
926 KeyCaptor Keylogger Severe Risk
927 KeyKey 2002 Moderate Risk
928 KeyLogger Elevated Risk
929 KeyLover High Risk
930 KeySpy BR Elevated Risk