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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
2041 gophoria Elevated Risk
2042 grasswithhillscreensaver Low Risk
2043 helicopteronsky Low Risk
2044 hi5 Toolbar High
2045 iGrep Toolbar High
2046 iIChat Logger Elevated Risk
2047 iMesh MediaBar Moderate Risk
2048 iNetWatcher Elevated Risk
2049 iProtectYou Moderate Risk
2050 iProtectYou 8.3.2 Low Risk
2051 iProtectYou 8.6 Low Risk
2052 iRemotePC Low Risk
2053 iSnake PRO Elevated Risk
2054 iSpyKiller v3.0 Moderate Risk
2055 iSpyKiller v5.0 Moderate Risk
2056 iWatchNow Elevated Risk
2057 ieplugin
2058 inExplorer Toolbar High
2059 kidpiss Low Risk
2060 love-trip Low Risk
2061 mrcooli Low Risk
2062 nfl2002.exe Low Risk
2063 partyb2005.zip Low Risk
2064 pcOrion Elevated Risk
2065 to-spy-on Elevated Risk
2066 wetter.com Toolbar Moderate Risk
2067 womenincomics.exe High Risk
2068 worldclocks Low Risk
2069 xSpyware Medium Risk
2070 yellow_field Low Risk