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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1201 Ore No Ryomi 2 Moderate Risk
1202 Orvell Monitoring Moderate Risk
1203 Orvell-Monitoring 2007 Moderate Risk
1204 Outlook Express Password (Thegrideon) Low Risk
1205 Outlook Express Password Lastbit Low Risk
1206 Outlook Express Password Recovery Low Risk
1207 Outlook Express Password Recovery Master Low Risk
1208 Outlook Key Low Risk
1209 Outlook Password Recovery (Intelore) Low Risk
1210 Outlook Password Recovery (Thegrideon) Low Risk
1211 Outlook Password Recovery Master Low Risk
1212 Outlook Recovery 2005 Low Risk
1213 Outlook Remote Access Low Risk
1214 OverSpy High Risk
1215 OwlForce Low Risk
1216 P2P Networking High
1217 PAL Computer Surveillance Elevated Risk
1218 PAL Evidence Eliminator Elevated Risk
1219 PAL Keylog Pro
1220 PAL PC Spy High Risk
1221 PC Acme
1222 PC Activity Monitor Standard Elevated Risk
1223 PC Bloodhound High Risk
1224 PC Busted
1225 PC Health Plan Low Risk
1226 PC James Bond 007 Elevated Risk
1227 PC MightyMax Moderate Risk
1228 PC Police Gold 1.0 High Risk
1229 PC Power Scan High
1230 PC Prowler Elevated Risk