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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
871 InstantBuzz Toolbar
872 IntelliAdmin Remote Control Moderate Risk
873 Intelliflag Content Monitor Elevated Risk
874 International Lighthouses Screensaver 2.5a Elevated Risk
875 Internet Antivirus Pro High Risk
876 Internet Explorer Password Low Risk
877 Internet Explorer Password (Lastbit) Low Risk
878 Internet Explorer Password Recovery Key Low Risk
879 Internet Explorer Password Thegrideon Low Risk
880 Internet Optimizer Moderate Risk
881 Internet Password Recovery Toolbox Low Risk
882 Internet Password Recovery Wizard Low Risk
883 Internet Remote Control Low Risk
884 Internet Spy Elevated Risk
885 IntraKey Elevated Risk
886 Invisible KeyLogger Stealth High Risk
887 Invisible Keylogger High
888 Invisible Keylogger 1.1 High Risk
889 IoxKeyLogger Elevated Risk
890 IoxKeyLogger 1.3 Elevated Risk
891 Ishowbao Elevated Risk
892 Istarthere Elevated Risk
893 JC Spyware Killer Elevated Risk
894 JDEtips Toolbar Moderate Risk
895 JM Pager Elevated Risk
896 Jamingo Toolbars Low Risk
897 Jennifer Low Risk
898 Jesse McCartney Screen Saver Elevated Risk
899 JessicaSimpsonScreenSaver Moderate Risk
900 Jetz Fusion Moderate Risk