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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1951 Word Recovery 2005 Low Risk
1952 Work Examiner Standard 2.2 dummy
1953 WorldAntiSpy Elevated Risk
1954 Wow Toolbar Elevated Risk
1955 Wubly Moderate Risk
1956 X Hollywood Media Bar Elevated Risk
1957 X-Con Spyware Destroyer Elevated Risk
1958 XP Advanced Keylogger High Risk
1959 XP Keylogger High Risk
1960 XP Logon Password Logger Elevated Risk
1961 XP Protection Center High Risk
1962 XPAntivirus Medium Risk
1963 XPCSpy Elevated Risk
1964 XPCSpy Pro Elevated Risk
1965 XPCSpy Pro 3.0 Elevated Risk
1966 XT Spy Elevated Risk
1967 Xbarre Low Risk
1968 Xitamo Toolbar Moderate Risk
1969 Xmas Low Risk
1970 Xmembytes High Risk
1971 Xolox
1972 XpressRemote Low Risk
1973 Xtractor Plus 3.6 Moderate Risk
1974 YAAQUI Toolbar Elevated Risk
1975 YEHEY!Toolbar Moderate Risk
1976 YOK Moderate Risk
1977 Yahoo Logger High Risk
1978 Yahoo Message Archive Decoder Elevated Risk
1979 Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer Elevated Risk
1980 Yahoo Messenger Spy Elevated Risk