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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
781 HQ Codec Low Risk
782 HS Panda Future Connection Low Risk
783 HSLAB Logger Elevated Risk
784 HackerWacker
785 Halloween Haunting Screen Saver 2.3 Moderate Risk
786 Halloween Haunting Screen Saver 2.4 Low Risk
787 Halloween Haunting Screen Saver 2.5 Low Risk
788 Hangman Moderate Risk
789 Happy New Year Screen Saver 1.2 Moderate Risk
790 Happytofind Toolbar Elevated Risk
791 Haunted House Low Risk
792 HearandPlay Toolbar High
793 Hearts in Love Screen Saver Low Risk
794 Hearts in Love Screen Saver 2.3 Moderate Risk
795 Heavenly Hibiscus Low Risk
796 Helicopter Escape Moderate Risk
797 Help Santa 1.0 Low Risk
798 HelpDeskVNC Low Risk
799 Here comes the Rain Elevated Risk
800 HiDownload Medium
801 Hidden Camera High Risk
802 Hidden Finder Low Risk
803 Hidden Recorder High Risk
804 Hilary_Duff Low Risk
805 Hillary Duff Sex-E Screen Saver Low Risk
806 HitHopper Elevated Risk
807 HitHopper Toolbar High
808 HitVirus Medium
809 Home Keylogger Elevated Risk
810 HostSeeker Toolbar Low Risk