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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
841 IMInspector Moderate Risk
842 IMMonitor AIM Spy Elevated Risk
843 IMMonitor ICQ Spy Elevated Risk
844 IMMonitor MSN Spy Elevated Risk
845 IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy Elevated Risk
846 IMNames Elevated Risk
847 IMSurfSentinel Elevated Risk
848 IMesh Low Risk
849 INFO Tempo Toolbar Moderate Risk
850 IST.XXXToolbar Moderate Risk
851 ISTsvc Moderate Risk
852 IWon CoPilot Low Risk
853 IamBigBrother Elevated Risk
854 Ice Age Clock Low Risk
855 Ideal Browser Moderate Risk
856 Iggsey Elevated Risk
857 Iggsey Toolbar Moderate Risk
858 Images of Washington DC Screensaver 2.5a Elevated Risk
859 InTheKnow High Risk
860 Infection Moderate Risk
861 Infine Keylogger Lite Elevated Risk
862 InfoKey Moderate Risk
863 InfoSniff 1.0 Moderate Risk
864 Inlook Express High Risk
865 Inside Chat Spy Elevated Risk
866 Inside Keylogger Moderate Risk
867 Inside Website Logger Elevated Risk
868 Instant Access Medium Risk
869 Instant Message Grabber Moderate Risk
870 InstantBar Toolbar Moderate Risk