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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1021 Mail PassView 1.5 dummy
1022 MailSkinner Elevated Risk
1023 Make Money Toolbar Elevated Risk
1024 MalWarrior High Risk
1025 Malware Alarm Elevated Risk
1026 Malware Stopper Elevated Risk
1027 Malware Type: Adware High
1028 Malware Wiped High Risk
1029 MalwareBurn Medium Risk
1030 MalwareBurn 7.2 Moderate Risk
1031 MalwareDestructor Medium Risk
1032 MalwareMonitor Medium Risk
1033 MalwarePro 5.2 Medium Risk
1034 MalwareWipers 4.4 Elevated Risk
1035 MapQuest Toolbar High
1036 MapStan Toolbar High
1037 Maria Sharapova Sex-E Screen Saver Elevated Risk
1038 Mario Forever Toolbar Moderate Risk
1039 Marmoolak Elevated Risk
1040 Matrix Clock Low Risk
1041 Mature Toolbar High
1042 Max Privacy Protector v2.0 Moderate Risk
1043 MaxNetShield Moderate Risk
1044 MediLexicon Toolbar Medium
1045 MediaPipe High
1046 Memory Watcher Elevated Risk
1047 MenaceRescue Elevated Risk
1048 Merriam Toolbar High
1049 Merry Christmas 3D ScreenSaver v.1.2 Low Risk
1050 Message Spy for AOL IM Elevated Risk