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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1141 NetObserve
1142 NetPatrol Elevated Risk
1143 NetPumper High
1144 NetScope Low Risk
1145 NetScreen 2.0 Moderate Risk
1146 NetSpy 3 Elevated Risk
1147 NetVizor Elevated Risk
1148 Netbus High Risk
1149 Netcraft Toolbar High
1150 Netword Agent Low Risk
1151 Network LookOut Administrator Professional Moderate Risk
1152 Network Password Changer 1.0 Low Risk
1153 NetworkActiv PIAFCTM 1.5 Low Risk
1154 Netzip Elevated Risk
1155 NewDotNet Moderate Risk
1156 Nexus Fire Walker Low Risk
1157 Nexus Portal Elevated Risk
1158 NiceSPY Elevated Risk
1159 Nicky and Paris Hilton Sexy Hot Screen Saver Low Risk
1160 Nikki the Ninja Moderate Risk
1161 Noble Poker Low Risk
1162 NocsBar Elevated Risk
1163 Nordnet Toolbar High
1164 Nothing-Virus Elevated Risk
1165 Nova 3000 Moderate Risk
1166 ORAtips Toolbar Moderate Risk
1167 OSBodyGuard High Risk
1168 OSMonitor 9.1 High Risk
1169 OUT11 Toolbar Moderate Risk
1170 OXiDE Toolbar High