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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
61 2005nyth Low Risk
62 2010cur Low Risk
63 26923.zip (bandbrothers.exe) Low Risk
64 2M Free Tetris Minimal Risk
65 3 Search Moderate Risk
66 3 Suns Clock Low Risk
67 360so Elevated Risk
68 3721 Chinese Keywords High Risk
69 39292.exe (civilwar.exe) Low Risk
70 3B Spyware Protection Pro Moderate Risk
71 3D Cozy Fireplace Screen Saver 1.0 Low Risk
72 3D Crash Icons Low Risk
73 3D Falling Icons Minimal Risk
74 3D Flying Easter Eggs Saver 2.3 Moderate Risk
75 3D Flying Icons Low Risk
76 3D Halloween Pumpkin Screen Saver 1.0 Low Risk
77 3D Ocean Beaches Screensaver Low Risk
78 3D Pacific Ocean Scenes Screensaver Low Risk
79 3D Sea Lighthouses Screensaver Low Risk
80 3D Tropical Fish Aquarium Screensaver Low Risk
81 3D Valentine Hearts Low Risk
82 3D X-Mas Desktop Low Risk
83 3DWinterFlight Low Risk
84 3Planesoft Screensaver Manager 1.0 Low Risk
85 3ami MAS Elevated Risk
86 3wPlayer Low Risk
87 4 Trade Me Toolbar Elevated Risk
88 5940 Toolbar Elevated Risk
89 69babes.zip Low Risk
90 7art Aries ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk