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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1111 MyVideoDaily Low Risk
1112 MyWay Speedbar Low Risk
1113 MyWebSearch Toolbar High
1114 NEWT Pro Low Risk
1115 NGC ActiveSpy Elevated Risk
1116 NHFA Moderate Risk
1117 NJStar Low Risk
1118 NJStar Asian Explorer Elevated Risk
1119 NSE Toolbar Moderate Risk
1120 Nabaza.com Low Risk
1121 Natalie Portman Sex-E Screen Saver Low Risk
1122 Nature Low Risk
1123 Naughty Girls Smileys Moderate Risk
1124 NavExcel Toolbar Elevated Risk
1125 NavHelper
1126 Navil Toolbar Elevated Risk
1127 Navy Aircraft Screensaver 2.5a Elevated Risk
1128 Need2Find Bar Low Risk
1129 NeoAddict Toolbar Elevated Risk
1130 NeoMatrix3D Low Risk
1131 Neospace Internet Security Medium Risk
1132 Net Control 2 Moderate Risk
1133 Net Logger Pro Elevated Risk
1134 Net Monitor for Classroom Low Risk
1135 Net Monitor for Employees Elevated Risk
1136 Net Monitor for Employees 4.1 Elevated Risk
1137 Net Nanny Elevated Risk
1138 Net Spy Pro Elevated Risk
1139 NetAware Moderate Risk
1140 NetLook2 Moderate Risk