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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
991 MG-Shadow Moderate Risk
992 MI7 Elevated Risk
993 MLB Toolbar Elevated Risk
994 MOOBar Toolbar High
995 MP3Galaxy High
996 MS Access Password Recoverer Low Risk
997 MS Access Password Recovery Low Risk
998 MS Backup Password Recovery Low Risk
999 MS Money Password Recovery Low Risk
1000 MS Outlook Password Recovery Elevated Risk
1001 MSN Chat Monitor High Risk
1002 MSN Messenger Monitor Sniffer Moderate Risk
1003 MSN Messenger Password Recovery Low Risk
1004 MSN Monitor Elevated Risk
1005 MSN Protocol Analyzer Low Risk
1006 MSN Sniffer High Risk
1007 MSN Spy Severe Risk
1008 MSN Spy Monitor Elevated Risk
1009 MSN Track Monitor Elevated Risk
1010 MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery Low Risk
1011 MSNPAnalyzer Low Risk
1012 MXS.Toolbar Elevated Risk
1013 MacroVirus Moderate Risk
1014 Madonna Screensaver Low Risk
1015 MagPlayer Low Risk
1016 Magic Forest 3D Screensaver Low Risk
1017 Magic Tree Clock Low Risk
1018 MagicAntiSpy Low Risk
1019 MagicBox Casino Low Risk
1020 Magiclink Remote Control Low Risk