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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1771 TrojansFilter High Risk
1772 Tropical Sea Life Scenic Reflections Screen Saver Moderate Risk
1773 TrueActive Monitor High Risk
1774 TrueDownloader Elevated Risk
1775 TrueSword Moderate Risk
1776 TrueWatch Elevated Risk
1777 Trust Cleaner Elevated Risk
1778 TrustToolbar High Risk
1779 TrustWatch Elevated Risk
1780 TrustedProtection Elevated Risk
1781 TrustyHound High Risk
1782 Trustyfiles Moderate Risk
1783 Try Media Moderate Risk
1784 Try2Find
1785 Turbo Zip Cracker Low Risk
1786 Turkey Shoot Screen Saver Low Risk
1787 TutsRevenge Moderate Risk
1788 TwikiBar Toolbar Moderate Risk
1789 Twister MP3 PRO Moderate Risk
1790 TypeAgent Elevated Risk
1791 TypeRecorder High Risk
1792 Tzolkin Maya 3D ScreenSaver v.1.2 Low Risk
1793 U88 Elevated Risk
1794 UCMore Elevated Risk
1795 UCMoreSearchAccelerator Elevated Risk
1796 USB Monitor Low Risk
1797 Ultimate Cleaner Elevated Risk
1798 Ultimate Defender Elevated Risk
1799 Ultimate Fixer Elevated Risk
1800 Ultimate Spy Personal Elevated Risk