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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1621 Spytector Elevated Risk
1622 Spytector Keylogger 1.3 Elevated Risk
1623 Spyware Elevated Risk
1624 Spyware Begone Low Risk
1625 Spyware Disinfector Elevated Risk
1626 Spyware IT Moderate Risk
1627 Spyware Knight Elevated
1628 Spyware Removal Wizard Elevated Risk
1629 Spyware Remover Low Risk
1630 Spyware Scrapper Elevated Risk
1631 Spyware Slayer Moderate Risk
1632 Spyware Stormer High
1633 Spyware Striker Elevated Risk
1634 Spyware This Moderate Risk
1635 Spyware Vanisher Elevated Risk
1636 Spyware.IncredibleKey Medium Risk
1637 Spyware.SpySure Medium Risk
1638 SpywareBomb Low Risk
1639 SpywareBrowser Elevated Risk
1640 SpywareHound Moderate Risk
1641 SpywareLocker Medium Risk
1642 SpywareQuake High
1643 SpywareSoftStop Elevated Risk
1644 SpywareStrike Elevated Risk
1645 Square Trade Sidebar Moderate Risk
1646 Squarez Moderate Risk
1647 StaffCop High Risk
1648 StaffCop 2.7 dummy
1649 StarLogger Elevated Risk
1650 Starluck Casino Medium