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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1921 WinSpy Stealth Monitor High Risk
1922 WinSpy v3.21 Elevated Risk
1923 WinSpyControl Elevated Risk
1924 WinXDefender High Risk
1925 Winadiscount High
1926 Wind Words Moderate Risk
1927 Windows 2000XP Password Recovery Low Risk
1928 Windows AdStatus Moderate Risk
1929 Windows Keylogger Elevated Risk
1930 Windows Messenger Remover Low Risk
1931 Windows Password Low Risk
1932 Windows Password Cracker Low Risk
1933 Windows Supervisor Elevated Risk
1934 WindowsCleaner High
1935 Winguardian Elevated Risk
1936 Winner Toolbar Moderate Risk
1937 Winsniffer
1938 Winsos Medium Risk
1939 Winsync Elevated Risk
1940 Wintective KeyLogger High Risk
1941 Winter Forest Low Risk
1942 Winter Sports Screen Saver Low Risk
1943 Winter approaches 1.0 Elevated Risk
1944 WinterClock Low Risk
1945 Winzix Low Risk
1946 Wiretap Professional High Risk
1947 WishBone Toolbar Elevated Risk
1948 Wnwb Elevated Risk
1949 Word Password Recovery Low Risk
1950 Word Password Recovery Master Low Risk