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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
721 Free Winter Screensaver Low Risk
722 Free Word Excel Password Wizard Low Risk
723 FreeAccessBar Moderate Risk
724 FreeAccessToolbar High
725 FreeSpyScanRemove High Risk
726 FreeWire High
727 Freeware Toolbar Medium
728 Freeze.com Toolbar Moderate Risk
729 Frosty Goes Skiing Screen Saver 2.2 Moderate Risk
730 Funbar Toolbar High
731 Funky Hunk Elevated Risk
732 Furl Toolbar High
733 GURL Watcher Elevated Risk
734 GameAbyss Toolbar High
735 GameFiesta Aveyond Dummy
736 GameFiesta Azkend
737 GameFiesta Aztec Ball
738 GameFiesta Toolbar Elevated Risk
739 GameHouse Medium
740 Gator High
741 Geeez Toolbar Moderate Risk
742 Geowhere Moderate Risk
743 GetByMail Low Risk
744 Ghost Keylogger Severe Risk
745 GhostlyEye Moderate Risk
746 GiantExplorer Elevated Risk
747 GiantExplorer.com Toolbar Moderate Risk
748 Gigablast Toolbar High
749 GimmeWeb Toolbar Moderate Risk
750 GimmyGames Low risk