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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
91 7art Baked Temptation ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
92 7art Beautiful Plants ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
93 7art Bow Travel ScreenSaver v.1.0 Low Risk
94 7art Butterfly Paradise ScreenSaver v.1.2 Low Risk
95 7art Clumsy Bears ScreenSaver v.1.2 Low Risk
96 7art Doodles ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
97 7art Flowers ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
98 7art Golden Sunsets ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
99 7art Graceful Horses ScreenSaver v.1.5 Low Risk
100 7art Jolly Birds ScreenSaver v.1.0 Low Risk
101 7art Magic Flower ScreenSaver v.1.0 Low Risk
102 7art Mandala 3D ScreenSaver v.1.3 Low Risk
103 7art Mandala Kaleidoscope ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
104 7art Monkeys ScreenSaver v.1.2 Low Risk
105 7art Mountains ScreenSaver v.1.0 Low Risk
106 7art Ocean Life ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
107 7art Stripy Zebras ScreenSaver v.1.2 Low Risk
108 7art Tender Autumn ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
109 7art Tropical Fish ScreenSaver v.1.0 Low Risk
110 7art Ze Tong ScreenSaver v.1.1 Low Risk
111 @TheOffice Remote Access Moderate Risk
112 A Bit of Irish Screen Saver 2.2 Moderate Risk
113 A Winter Night Screensaver Low Risk
114 A-1 Image Screen Saver 4.2 Low Risk
115 A-1 Wallpaper Pro 1.1 Low Risk
116 AB System Spy
117 ABCNews.com Toolbar Elevated Risk
118 ABCScrabble Low Risk
119 ABF Password Recovery Low Risk
120 ACSearch Toolbar Moderate Risk