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SNo. Spyware Name Threat Level
1231 PC Remote Elevated Risk
1232 PC Remote Control Low Risk
1233 PC Screen Spy Monitor Elevated Risk
1234 PC Screen Spy Monitor 6.15 Elevated Risk
1235 PC Spy Severe Risk
1236 PC Spy Keylogger High Risk
1237 PC Tattletale Elevated Risk
1238 PC eGuardian Elevated Risk
1239 PC!Watch Elevated Risk
1240 PC-Controller Elevated Risk
1241 PC-Keylogger Elevated Risk
1242 PCAgent High
1243 PCCleaner High Risk
1244 PCMonitor High Risk
1245 PCPandora High Risk
1246 PCParent High Risk
1247 PCSnapShot Elevated Risk
1248 PCWatch Medium
1249 PLook Moderate Risk
1250 PMG Connect Moderate Risk
1251 PPRich High Risk
1252 PWS-QQRob High Risk
1253 Pacific Poker Low Risk
1254 Palermo Paradise Screen Saver Elevated Risk
1255 Paltalk Low Risk
1256 Paq KeyLog Engine Elevated Risk
1257 Paq Keylog Elevated Risk
1258 Paradox Key Low Risk
1259 Parent Tools for Yahoo! Messenger Moderate Risk
1260 Parental Control Tool Moderate Risk